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                                                    MEMBERSHIP OF THIEN TAM

                            MEMBERSHIP SUPPORT


  • Will aid in the formation of the monks.

  • Facilitate in building the Monastery.

  • Create a greater bond among God’s people.

  • Pray for each other and the Church.





The monks of the Benedictine Monastery of Thien Tam will:


- Offer monthly Mass for Members, both living and deceased.

- Pray daily for all Members at the Divine Office.

- Offer Mass and prayer on the patronal feast of Members.

- Offer Mass and prayer for all Members each year on the Feast of St. Benedict - July 11.

- Offer Requiem Mass and prayer when a Member dies.

- Pray for Members’ special intention(s).- Pray for Members’ special anniversary.



Please open form below and print out!                

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